Keys to Empis: a story of good and evil. 🗝️

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Introduction to Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale is a dark fantasy audiobook. It tells the story of Charlie Reade, a 17-year-old who unexpectedly inherits keys to a mysterious alternate realm. In this realm, he becomes the unlikely leader in a monumental struggle between the powers of light and darkness.

What is Fairy Tale about?

The audiobook follows the story of Charlie Reade, who lives with his father, George, in Sentry’s Rest, Illinois. He is haunted by his mother’s tragic death and his father’s battle with alcoholism.

In April 2013, Charlie helps his elderly neighbor, Mr. Bowditch, discover a hidden world, Empis, and its magical sundial. After Mr. Bowditch’s death, Charlie ventures into Empis with his loyal dog, Radar, where he meets the Gallien family and learns of Flight Killer, an evil force plaguing the land.

Captured and forced into gladiatorial training, Charlie’s transformation into a leader begins as he uncovers his true destiny. Charlie defeats Flight Killer with allies, saves Empis, and returns home, sealing the portal.

Should I listen to Fairy Tale audiobook?

This audiobook offers a mix of fantasy and coming-of-age elements, taking listeners on a thrilling journey alongside Charlie as he navigates the hidden world and discovers his true purpose.

It explores themes of courage, identity, and the enduring power of hope. The story’s rich narrative, filled with adventure and mystery, makes it a compelling piece for listening.

Some find the story predictable, but others hail it as a classic masterpiece with captivating storytelling. Seth Numrich’s narration is widely praised for vividly capturing emotions. Renowned for his world-building and suspense, King delivers another compelling tale, though some listeners feel let down by the fantasy elements and repetitive themes. Despite mixed opinions on pacing, the audiobook remains a must-listen for fans of dark, engaging tales.

📝 Book Author: Stephen King
🎙 Audiobook Narrators: Seth Numrich and Stephen King

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