A Thanksgiving tale of family, loss, and enduring unity. 🍂

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Introduction to You Can Thank Me Later

You Can Thank Me Later is a touching novella that captures the essence of the holiday season, embracing its warmth, gratitude, and the strength of familial bonds.

✨ It beautifully illustrates how a family’s love triumphs over even the most challenging circumstances.

What is You Can Thank Me Later about?

The heart of the audiobook narrative centers on an annual Thanksgiving gathering that brings together a family of siblings. This recurring event spans three distinct years.

The initial year introduces the family’s dynamics, featuring the oldest brother, who is happily married and eagerly expecting his first child.

The younger sister shines as the proprietor of a thriving restaurant, her life seemingly flourishing, and the middle brother is in a joyous marriage.

This year, everything is about to change when his wife gets diagnosed with cancer

Should I listen to You Can Thank Me Later audiobook?

You should listen to this audiobook to experience a heartfelt and emotionally resonant story exploring the complexities of family relationships, love, loss, and unity during challenging times.

Through its relatable characters and poignant narrative, the book reflects on the importance of treasuring moments with loved ones and finding strength in their unwavering support.

Many listeners have a love-hate relationship with this audiobook. The exploration of family dynamics around a holiday like Thanksgiving, combined with sad and dramatic events, takes you to the next level of what emotions a novel can awaken.

📝 Book Author: Kelly Harms
🎙 Audiobook Narrator: Lauren Fortgang

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