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Introduction to The Institute

The Institute is a sci-fi horror novel that tracks the thrilling journey of Luke Ellis, a twelve-year-old genius. He gets kidnapped after the death of his parents. Luke Ellis is placed in the Institute, a complex where numerous abducted kids possess telepathic or telekinetic powers.

What is The Institute about?

This audiobook takes you to suburban Minneapolis, where Luke Ellis faces a horrifying tragedy. One night, his parents get silently murdered, and he gets abducted to a secretive facility known as the Institute.

He meets other children with extraordinary powers there, and together, they endure experiments and torture. As Luke’s abilities grow, he plots to escape and expose the Institute’s horrors.

A thrilling and emotional tale of courage, identity, and hope unfolds as Luke seeks to break free and end the Institute’s sinister activities.

Should I listen to The Institute audiobook?

The Institute explores the bravery of children facing extraordinary challenges, making it a great story with a unique twist. It explores the ethical questions surrounding the use of exceptional abilities and the consequences of unchecked power.

The audiobook also combines elements of science fiction, horror, and thriller genres, creating a thrilling and suspenseful narrative. 

Frustration echoes in mixed reviews of The Institute by Stephen King. Some long for the gripping narratives of King’s past, while others find solace in the characters and the solid plot. Disappointment lingers for those expecting the next King masterpiece, yet some praise the audiobook’s entertainment value. The Institute is a polarizing tale, leaving listeners torn between its potential and perceived shortcomings.

📝 Book Author: Stephen King
🎙 Audiobook Narrator: Santino Fontana

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