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Introduction to The Four Agreements

This self-helping book presents a set of principles rooted in ancient Toltec culture, guiding us to break free from self-imposed restrictions and beliefs that can lead to suffering and limitations in our lives.

What is The Four Agreements about?

The author presents his idea that everything an individual does is founded on different agreements they’ve made with themselves, others, God, society, and life itself. Within these agreements, they shape their own identities, behaviors, and limitations.

They define what is achievable and what isn’t. Some agreements are created from fears or a desire to please others. This can drain one’s emotional energy and bring his self-worth to very low levels. 

Living by society’s rules can prevent us from revealing our full potential. We are forced to stick to norms that limit the pleasure of being our true selves. In the book, we can find a way to break all the frames by replacing the outdated agreements with another four. They are: β€œBe impeccable with your word,” β€œDon’t take anything personally,” β€œDon’t make assumptions,” and β€œAlways do your best.” 

Should I listen to The Four Agreements audiobook?

By accepting these four agreements and following them in your everyday life, you can significantly impact the amount of happiness and fulfillment you experience, no matter the external circumstances. The book will provide detailed guidance and inspiration toward a more free and happy way of living.

πŸ“ Book Author: Don Miguel Ruiz
πŸŽ™ Audiobook Narrator: Peter Coyote

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