Illuminating tale of an Indian Christian family’s struggles and sacrifices through generations. 🌊

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Introduction to The Covenant of Water

Set in southwest India, the audiobook follows the compelling journey of an Indian family over three generations. All of these generations share a peculiar curse: at least one member of each generation has a tragic fate of drowning death.

What is The Covenant of Water about?

The audiobook narrates the multigenerational journey of an Indian Christian family residing in Kerala, India. The story starts with the marriage of a 12-year-old girl to a 40-year-old widowed man through an arranged marriage.

As the story unfolds, the girl becomes the respected overseer of the family’s 500-acre estate, earning the endearing title of “Big Mother.” Her son grows up as a renowned writer, while other family members pursue physician careers.

Tragically, throughout each generation, some family members meet their untimely end through drowning, a fate attributed to an affliction known as “The Condition.”

Should I listen to The Covenant of Water audiobook?

This audiobook presents a compelling portrayal of a multigenerational Indian Christian family and their struggles. The novel offers a rich and immersive experience of Kerala, India’s culture and traditions, providing a better understanding of the region’s history and way of life.

Moreover, the audiobook explores themes of love and sacrifice. As a tribute to scientific progress and the sacrifices made by past generations, it inspires reflection on the progress of medicine and its impact on improving human lives.

Ultimately, “The Covenant of Water” reminds us of the profound impact our actions can have on future generations.

πŸ“ Book Author: Abraham Verghese
πŸŽ™ Audiobook Narrator: Abraham Verghese

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