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Introduction to Never Enough

In the increasingly competitive pursuit of a successful future, today’s students face unprecedented pressure. They crowd their schedules with advanced classes, fill their days with activities to enhance their resumes, and sometimes even sacrifice friendships to stay ahead.

This unrelenting drive for peak performance has led to alarming rates of anxiety and depression in many schools across America. Parents and teachers all grapple with the same dilemma, which is how to inspire children to strive for excellence without overwhelming them?

What is Never Enough about?

In “Never Enough,” Jennifer Breheny Wallace explores the origins of this toxic culture of achievement and explores strategies to combat it.

Drawing from extensive interviews with families and teachers, she reveals that the pressure to excel is not merely a choice made by parents but is ingrained in our broader society.

It’s driven by factors like growing income inequality and limited opportunities. Consequently, children absorb the harmful message that their worth is solely tied to their achievements, a notion amplified by media and prevailing cultural norms.

Should I listen to Never Enough audiobook?

Listening to “Never Enough” is essential for anyone concerned about the well-being and success of today’s youth. This audiobook is a guiding light to navigate students’ challenges in a world marked by intense competition and pressure.

By uncovering the roots of toxic achievement culture and exposing its harmful impact on mental health and self-worth, the author offers a wake-up call that we can’t afford to ignore.

πŸ“ Book Author: Jennifer Breheny Wallace
πŸŽ™ Audiobook Narrator: Jennifer Breheny Wallace

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