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Introduction to Insomnia

In the audiobook Insomnia, we follow the journey of Ralph Roberts, a retired widower. Ralph’s growing insomnia grants him the unique ability to see auras and reveal concealed realities.

This newfound power thrusts him into a conflict between the Purpose and the Random, becoming a pivotal player in this supernatural battle.

What is Insomnia about?

The story in this novel is unfolding in a troubled town, where retiree Ralph witnesses his acquaintance’s unsettling behavior tied to abortion issues. Ralph’s resulting insomnia reveals hidden beings and cosmic forces at play.

He learns that his acquaintance possesses the power to disrupt this cosmic balance. Ralph and a friend, Lois, set out to stop his violent plans.

Along the way, they encounter a malevolent entity, the Crimson King, and strike a deal with supernatural forces to change destiny.

Ultimately, Ralph sacrifices himself to save a young life, leaving a legacy of courage and selflessness.

Should I listen to Insomnia audiobook?

You should listen to this audiobook if you’re interested in mysterious beings and auras. As the main character in the audiobook explores these perceptions, he becomes embroiled in a cosmic conflict between opposing forces that shape existence itself.

This story explores deep philosophical themes, like the balance between fate and chance, and it’s set against the backdrop of a fictional town filled with suspense and intrigue.

Insomnia by Stephen King garners mixed reviews due to its controversial background music. Listeners criticize the distracting, irritating, and often irrelevant musical accompaniment, complaining about its volume overpowering the narration. While some appreciate the gripping story and commendable narration, the intrusive sound effects, including screeching violins and loud guitar bursts, hinder the listening experience. Suggestions to eliminate the disruptive music highlight the audiobook’s strong narrative and narration, urging potential listeners to consider alternative formats.

📝 Book Author: Stephen King
🎙 Audiobook Narrator: Eli Wallach

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