Children of time: evolution’s tale. πŸ•·οΈ

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Introduction to Children of Time

Children of Time is a captivating science fiction novel. It fearlessly explores significant topics like deities, saviors, AI, and extraterrestrial life, all presented with remarkable skill and enthusiasm.

What is Children of Time about?

The audiobook presents a story in the distant future where Dr. Avrana Kern leads a mission to transform a planet using a nanovirus to evolve monkeys. Conflict arises, Kern flees sabotage, and the monkeys’ landing craft burns.

The unchecked virus impacts creatures, especially Portiids, advanced jumping spiders. Humanity heads to a paradise planet. Spiders evolve, and humans regress. The two groups clash on Kern’s World.

The spiders win, and later on, they invite surviving humans to coexist, emphasizing collaboration. The story contrasts rapid spider evolution with human decline, resulting in a transformative ending.

Should I listen to Children of Time audiobook?

As you follow the intertwined fates of humans and Portiids, you’ll be immersed in a reflective tale that raises questions about the essence of progress, cooperation, and the potential consequences of our actions.

This science fiction masterpiece by Adrian Tchaikovsky invites listeners to think about the intricacies of evolution, ethics, and the complex relationships that shape our universe.

This audiobook pleasantly surprises listeners with its well-crafted narrative and expert narration, consistently earning five-star ratings for performance and story. Reviewers commend the engaging characters, believable science fiction elements, and a unique perspective on the evolution of intelligent life, particularly within insect societies.

πŸ“ Book Author: Adrian Tchaikovsky
πŸŽ™ Audiobook Narrator: Mel Hudson

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