Happily Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

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New Year's ResolutionsNew Year’s Resolutions – Seven Clinically Proven Guided Visualisations to Help You Kick that Habit for Good – Written by Lyndall Briggs

Publisher’s Summary of New Year’s Resolutions

Happily Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions is a collection of seven clinically proven guided visualisations, delivering you the tools to help with all the common habits people struggle with quitting, especially around the new year.

This particular collection is built around the “Stop Procrastinating” session, with the supporting sessions delivering you powerful motivation. Happily stop smoking, lose weight, and drink less alcohol (believe it!) all with the ability to deeply relax, easily.

If you are overwhelmed and incapacitated by phobias, fear, and anxiety, and you’re ready to kick habits and make the change now then the “New Year’s Resolution Kit” collection will get you there fast. The Happily Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution collection is part of the Peak Performance range developed by Lyndall Briggs of Mental Massages, Australia.

Lyndall is a leading counselling hypnotherapist, practicing for over 20 years in Sydney, Australia. Her unique understanding and work on various industry and peak body boards has earned her a reputation that extends internationally and she is often asked to speak around the globe.

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