Google eBooks – Free Source for eBooks

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Though Google eBooks are not viewed as part of a audiobook review website, I thought it maybe beneficial to list the Google eBooks as a option for those e-Readers out there.  Of course if you would prefer a audiobook, visit the Audible Free Trial Page.

Google offers a wide selection of Free eBooks for you to consider. Just keep in mind that Google eBooks are not audio-assisted but can be fun to download on your favorite device.Google eBooks

Why Google eBooks?

Google offers a wide selection of Free books.  The most important aspect of these eBooks is that they can be read them on any device you may have.  You do need a internet connection, but aside from that you can download these books onto your mobile phones, iPad, Kindle, Nooks, and of course your desktop.  Which makes it easy for reading the free eBooks offline.

Google eBooks For College Students

With the release of Google’s new e-Reader the Nexus 7 2013, Google eBooks should be right in line for those busy college students looking for digital material.  Google books are listed under the Google Play Store on a android phone and many college will have apps for e-Textbooks to download.  See Google’s mobile reader apps here. With Google adding more  apps, you can start reading seamlessly on virtually all of your devices right now. Your eBooks will be stored within your Google account,  and on the Nexus 7 right in the cloud, which will allow you to save your page positions and sync across all the devices as you continue to read on any device. You will be able to access the eBook anytime you want from whatever device you have for your eBook pleasure and on the go reading.

In conclusion, Google offer another free source for your eBook downloading pleasure.  See what free Google eBooks you can find today and download them to read on the go!