Download Audio Books and Burn a CD

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To Burn a CD is easy if you have any disc burning software such as Windows Media Player already on your computer.  Most Windows Systems come already installed with Windows Media Player or you can install it free for most windows programs.  Just make sure that you have permission to burn a CD before you do so. If you are burning a audio book from the “public domain” then the license will state which country may download the audio book and listen to it.  If you live in another country please check out the copy-write license for your country listed on the audio book vendor you are downloading from.Burn a CD

If you are wanting to just listen to MP3 files on your computer you many want to read Download MP3 Audio books.

How To Burn A CD

If you downloaded the zip file you will need to unzip it to download the complete book so that you get all the files.  I usually save the audio book on my desktop in a folder listed with the title of the book.  If you are using Windows Media Player as soon as you open the file you will see all the files that where downloaded.  Windows Media Player will pop open with the files and the option to Burn a CD will be listed at the top.  Once you click on the Burn link a new box will open with instructions to insert a CD into your computer drive. From here you can choose which way you wish to burn a CD. Windows Media Player will then Burn a CD for you and then you can take them on the road for your daily commute, at your lunch break, or even in the air when you are flying.

For other disc burning programs refer to the vendor of the product for “How to Burn a CD” using their program.  Making a audio book CD for your commute is a excellent way to listen to your favorite books while you travel.  Make sure you always check with the manufacturer of the audio book before you download audio books and Burn a CD.