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Hi my name is Nancy Dixon and I have been an online marketer since 2008. I built this site mainly because I love to read and have found over the years I just don’t have enough time to sit down and read a book.  While I was in my commuter years (driving kids back and forth to school, soccer practice, and various other events) I found the love of audio books.  I could purchase or download a book and listen to it while I drove back and forth for my Mom’s taxi service.  It was such a great way to use the time and expand my mind at the same time.  So I found out that I wanted to build a site with all the current audio books that are available on the internet.

First of all I want to Thank You for your  interest in AudiobookReviewed.com.  I strive to offer trusted reviews and information about Audiobooks. This site was created to help you quickly get information about Audiobook Reviews, read reviews and find the best service providers that offer audio books for you to download, stream, or rent CD’s of Audiobooks on the internet.

Thanks again and Enjoy!!