1984: New Classic Edition (Unabridged) George Orwell

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1984- Written by George Orwell

1984Blackstone Audio presents a new recording of this dramatically popular book.

George Orwell depicts a gray, totalitarian world dominated by Big Brother and its vast network of agents, including the Thought Police – a world in which news is manufactured according to the authorities’ will and people live tepid lives by rote.

Winston Smith, a hero with no heroic qualities, longs only for truth and decency. But living in a social system in which privacy does not exist and where those with unorthodox ideas are brainwashed or put to death, he knows there is no hope for him.

The year 1984 has come and gone, yet George Orwell’s nightmare vision of the world we were becoming in 1949 is still the great modern classic portrait of a negative Utopia.

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What the Critics Say About 1984

  • Nominee, 2008 Audie Award, Classic

“It is probable that no other work of this generation has made us desire freedom more earnestly or loathe tyranny with such fullness.” (New York Times, 1949)

1984- Narrated by Simon Prebble

The narration is perfect; it’s bone-chilling.

Customer Review:

Narration in this book is awesome!”

The narrator in this book is great! The drama and expression in his voice are fantastic. I have an hour drive one way to work and one day I was so engulfed in the book that I did not realize I had driven all the way home!
This book is very well done and well worth the time. I highly recommend this to all listeners of audio books


Length: 11 hrs and 26 mins

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